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Ewuresi Archer

Is a Painter and Printmaker based in Cleveland, Ohio


She is a Ghanaian American artist who graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2022 with a BFA in Painting and an emphasis in PrintMaking. 


Archer utilizes fluorescent colors and patterns in her work to celebrate Ghanaian culture; She puts her Ghanaian culture on a pedestal while bringing awareness to the fact that her culture and a western culture coexist. Painting with a highly saturated, glowing color palette and scrappy, energetic marks and patterns, She depicts everyday activities such as pounding fufu, getting a haircut, along with portraying images of foods that are important to Ghanaian culture. As someone living far from the culture she grew up in, Archer always finds herself thinking about and missing little parts of the culture. Her distortions recreate for a viewer the feeling of wanting something just out of reach. Archer depicts all these things as a way not only to invite a viewer into her  culture, but also a way to allow herself to appreciate this culture she was very removed from growing up.


 Archers' work has been shown in multiple group exhibitions such as Day Glo Show at Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, OH,  Waking Dream at River House Arts in Toledo, OH, Snickers That Turn to Livable Joy at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, OH,  I Am My Best Work, at The Painting Center in New York, NY and  she co curated a two person show Cut From The Same Cloth at Kaiser Gallery in Tremont, OH. Most recently, she won 1st Place Prize at The First Annual Paul and Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize show.

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